Department of Civil

Events and Rules

Code Cracking

1. Each batch should contain 2 members.
2. Form the groups yourself according to the rule.
3. One student will be the group leader.
4. Prelims will be conducted depending on the number of batches.
5. Total three rounds will be conducted.
6. Code book will be provided.

Brick Magic

1.The number of students in a group must not be more than two.
2.Fifteen minutes time will be given.
3.heme will be given.
4.Bricks will be given.
5.Each group should be supervised by a staff.
6.Decisions by the judges are final.

Department of Cse

Rules and Events

Windows Expert

1. Two teams per college can participate
2. Two participants per team
3. Duration : 15 minutes .
4. No Internet access will be provided
5. Windows xp machine will be provided without mouse.

poster presentation

1. Two participants per college.
2. Participants are requested to bring your materials.
3. Theme will on Better Tomorrow.
4. Laptop with designing software should be bring by the participant

Department of Mechnical

Rules and Events

CAD Modeling

1. 2 persons per team
2.Duration 60 minutes
3.Jury’s decision is final


1.Individual participation
2.Topic will be given on spot
3.Topic may be image or text
4.Have to talk 1 minute
5.Judges decision is final

Department of EEE

Rules and Events

Circuit Trix (Electrical Quiz):

1.Limitation: 2 Members per team
2.Tech Quiz will test your technical and lateral thinking ability. Be prepared to face questions from every nook and corner of Electrical and Electronics. Get ready, be prepared and give this test your best shot.

Circuit Debugging:

1.Limitation: Individual
2.Circuit will be given on the spot.
3.15 Minutes for spotting the bug.

Department of ECE

Rules and Events

Hello Brain:

1. Preliminary with 20 questions
2. Only 5 teams
3. A team of 2 members
4. 5 Rounds of Questionnaires based on various domains in ECE
5. Each round will be of 10 marks
6. 30 seconds for each question
Three best will be selected

Trouble Shooting (Circuit debugging)

1.Limitation: Individual
2.Circuit will be given on the spot.
3.15 Minutes for spotting the bug.

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