List of events on 03-Feb-2017


All the Events are Conducted under Certain Rules

Participants Should Follow the Rules to validate their contribution

Registration is Mandatory

Candidates can register by click on the Button below.

  • 1. Limitation: Only 2 members per team
  • 2. Technical Papers should be in IEEE format(Max. 8 pages)
  • 3. Maximum slides per presentation should not exceed 15 Slides.
  • 4. Presentation time is limited to 5 mins and 2 mins for queries.
  • 5. Selected participants should bring 2 hardcopies of their paper.
  • 6. You are requested to submit your paper to
  • 1. Limitation: Only 2 members per team
  • 2. The presentation should be very impressive.
  • 1. Limitation: Only 2 members per team
  • 2. Tech Quiz will test your technical and lateral thinking ability. Be prepared to face questions from every nook and corner of Electrical and Electronics. Get ready, be prepared and give this test your best shot.
  • 1. Limitation: Individual Circuit Debugging contains two rounds.
  • 2. Selection Round: Preliminary level Test Technical.
  • 3. Final Round: The participants who are qualified in the preliminary level are only allowed for final round.
  • 4. Circuit will be given on spot.
  • 5. 15 Minutes for spotting the bug.
  • 1. Limitation: Only 2 members per team
  • 2. The candidates will be asked to design an Electrical circuit in the software like Electrical CADD, Lab view, etc. The participants have to bring their own laptops with the installed software. The questions will be given spot.
  • 1. Limitation: Only 2 members per team.
  • 2. The candidates will be provided with the pictorial representation of the different electrical circuits and they have to find out the exact circuit by analyzing the connections between the given pictures.